Too Many Hats? The Multiple Roles of a Freelance Illustrator

Being a freelance illustrator is not easy; especially when you're just starting out. If you don't have a natural affinity for business promotion and sales, making the transition from fresh new graduate to regular work as as freelance professional can be incredibly daunting. It doesn't matter how many times your tutors told you it was going to be difficult, you're never quite prepared for what it's like out here in the 'real world'.

You may have started out in illustration because you enjoy drawing, but if you want to survive in the industry then that isn't going to be enough. To be successful as a freelancer you need to be able to wear a lot of different hats in order to answer a lot of different questions:

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Rebel Arts Women's Radio Interview

Hello everyone! As I've mentioned before, back in December I was interviewed about my work in advance of the Mill Road Winter Fair by the ladies of Rebel Arts Women's Radio in Cambridge.

The recording of the show I was featured on is now available to listen to online here, but I thought I would write up a little interview transcript here on my blog too, so if you are interested in learning a bit more about me and my work you can read it. :)

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Who to See at Mill Road Winter Fair!

Mill Road Winter Fair is fast approaching. Want to browse great arts, crafts and illustration stalls, as well as enjoy great food, music, other performers and a parade? Then you should stop by Mill Road between 10.30am and 4.30pm this Saturday!

To help you out, I've assembled a little list of creative stalls you should definitely search out on the day......

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Is a Creative Degree 'Worth It?'

In an age where having a degree has become commonplace and the price hikes are causing numerous teens to reconsider whether they should really go to university, this question is often made even harder for potential 'creative' students when the value of a creative degree is constantly being called into question by the media or even just by their parents. I don't believe that there is a single straight-forward yes or no answer to this question which can apply to everyone, but I do think there a few particular issues to be considered:

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Working for Free, part 1: When to Say No!

This one is a real struggle when you're a new graduate and sometimes even if you've been working in a creative field for a few years. When you are just starting out in the freelancing world it can be easy to be seduced by the promise of 'exposure' or work that will be 'great for your portfolio'. However in 99% of cases I would recommend that you resist any temptation to work for no immediate compensation...

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Freelancing while ADD

I am a freelancer and I have ADHD. Although some people find the structure of a 9-5 job helpful in managing their problems, I know that I'm not the only ADHD person out there who has found refuge in the freelance world. In fact, according to Russell Barkley (a research professor of psychiatry) "35 percent of people with ADD are self-employed by the time they're in their thirties - a figure far higher than the norm." What I'm going to write about today are the problems and the benefits of freelancing while ADHD. I hope that this might be informative and encouraging for other ADHD'ers out there, while raising awareness for others...

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