Freelancing while ADD

I am a freelancer and I have ADHD. Although some people find the structure of a 9-5 job helpful in managing their problems, I know that I'm not the only ADHD person out there who has found refuge in the freelance world. In fact, according to Russell Barkley (a research professor of psychiatry) "35 percent of people with ADD are self-employed by the time they're in their thirties - a figure far higher than the norm." What I'm going to write about today are the problems and the benefits of freelancing while ADHD. I hope that this might be informative and encouraging for other ADHD'ers out there, while raising awareness for others...

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How Do I? Illustration Stall Advice

As you will know from my previous blog post, I am running a stall at the House of Illustration's Illustrator's Fair on Sunday the 22nd! This will only be the second time I've run a stall like this and the first time I'm doing it solo so I thought it would be a good opportunity to mine knowledge from some of my more experienced friends! Hopefully their advice will be useful for other newbies out there like me! Here we go...

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House of Illustration

Oooo! Exciting news everyone! I just found out that I have a stall at the House of Illustrations first Illustration Fair next Sunday (22nd of June)! So excited! 

I'll be selling prints and cards etc, including my Bestiary Project illustrations. There will be over 100 different illustrators running stalls so it should be an exciting place to visit!

Check out the event HERE. :D



Beyond Compare: Dispelling the Destiny Myth

Starting out as a newly graduated illustrator can be incredibly intimidating. Especially if you spend a lot of time looking at features of other creatives online. 'Wow,' we say to ourselves, 'there sure are a lot of talented and dedicated illustrators out there. How am I going to compete?' This early habit of constantly comparing ourselves to other illustrators is not good for us at all! It tends to foster a depressing feeling a being an impostor and being lost in a sea of more talented rivals...

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Duke House Summer Gathering

Happy news! 
On Wednesday the 4th of June, I will be showing work as part of a special creative evening at the boutique B&B Duke House, along with several others from the Cambridge Creative Network!

This is a ticketed event with food prepared by Stella Pereira and painting, prints, ceramics and glass displayed for sale throughout the house. Proceeds from tickets and commission will go to local charity Centre 33.

I will be showing my framed 'Illuminated' flower prints, as well as selling unframed prints and cards of these and other work.

If this evening of creativity and food sounds right up your street, tickets and £12 and can be bought here